ActionWalls and its spin-off apps (such as SwirlWalls) is owned in full and operated by ActionWalls Pty Ltd.

ActionWalls Engine (AWE)

See here for full details on AWE, our multi-year development effort that powers all ActionWalls products.

ActionWalls Pty Ltd
  • An independent Australian company that focuses on creating products in the mobile/web3 space
  • Originally created with a focus on mobile wallpaper apps, but has since expanded its scope to also include use of NFTs as wallpapers
  • Public releases include 4.6🌟 SwirlWalls and SwirlWalls Prime
  • Companion company of Action Launcher Pty Ltd (they are separate for boring legal reasons)
  • Our apps have won 3 Google Play best of awards 🏆:
    • Link Bubble (2014)
    • Action Launcher (2015)
    • ActionDash (2019)
  • Two of our apps have been acquired:
    • Link Bubble (acquired by Brave in 2015)
    • ActionDash (acquired by Sensor Tower in 2020)
Chris Lacy

  • Founder of ActionWalls Pty Ltd and Action Launcher Pty Ltd
  • Passionate about mobile, web3/NFTs, the Metaverse, gaming & technology in general
  • Has developed Android & iOS apps since 2010
  • A programmer by trade, but also responsible for conceiving, designing, managing & promoting all the company’s apps
  • Managed all business development related to Brave/Sensor Tower acquisitions
  • Spent 2000-2010 as a console game programmer (the last 4 as a Lead Programmer)

I'm pretty active on social media, so you should follow me on Twitter:

Business enquiries

For non-support related business enquires, please email Please be aware that as a general rule I have no interest in the offerings of ad networks, analytics services or similar, and am unlikely to engage you on such matters.

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