ActionWalls Engine ("AWE") Overview

Multiplatform live wallpaper/media engine
  • Supports Web (demo) and Android
  • Fast 2D image rendering engine
  • Full support for 2D effects including parallax, rotation, pinch to zoom, pan, etc.
  • Video playback
  • Image modifier effects such as blur
  • Gesture recognition
  • Dynamically update current wallpaper from endpoint
Media display app
  • Feed/preview/shop/settings UI
  • Patent-pending Feature Meter monetization system
  • Dynamically fetches data from API endpoint.
  • Full disc & memory data/image caching for offline support
  • Audio playback
  • Billing/in-app purchase/subscription support
  • Open Sea API data fetching
  • Social account sign in
  • Favorites (including cloud syncing)
  • Built with modern Android development paradigms
  • High unit test coverage
Backend server
  • NoSQL database that houses all entity data
  • Export entity data to API endpoint (example)
  • Manages all media storage requirements
  • Automates tasks such as generating different resolution and preview images, generating optimized (WebP) images, etc.
  • Supports bulk importing/updating assets
  • High unit test coverage
“Mosaic” wallpaper editor
  • Web app for asset management
  • Tweak wallpaper layers attributes, adjust item appearance order, etc.

Feature Meter

Our innovative monetization system that reduces user churn and maximizes revenue. * Increase meter by taking an action (view reward ad, complete survey, etc.) * Meter depletes over time, at which point certain features/content lock * Users can unlock all app content without paying money, or opt to buy an upgrade/subscription to permanently unlock content


See here for further company and founder details.

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